Crystal Twins is the home of premium, hand-selected and responsibly sourced crystals established in January 2021.


We curate Mother Nature’s precious treasures from all across the globe. 

We are a family run business based in South Wales, UK. Every one of our crystals are chosen by hand for their exquisite appearance and unique energies. 


Meet the Crystal Twins

We are identical twin sisters with a passion for celebrating the beauty and benefits of healing crystals. Since we were little girls we have collected crystals and minerals.


Our pockets were full of tumble stones and our bedroom was packed with minerals, fossils and crystals. We have always had an affinity with the natural world and animals.

Our twin bond is a unique relationship endowed with an extraordinary, at times telepathic quality; this is our sixth sense. Extrasensory perception bonds us together due to our close genetic connection and heightens our empathetic natures.

Have any questions for us? 

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