Crystal Spaces 🌺🌳🏡

•Paradise on Earth• 🌿🌸🌼Who said crystals are just for indoor use and to enjoy within in the house?! We’ve taken these beautiful new boulders outside in our garden space to start work on our new Polychrome Pond. This is so we have their beautiful vibes permeating throughout our outdoor space! 🥰

🙂If you haven’t taken your crystals outdoors…some can happily be housed there, BUT we recommend overwintering these as the frost and being out in all weathers will erode them alongside sun-bleaching and they will suffer the seasons. During fine weather though, it’s a lovely way to enjoy your collection and use whilst meditating and healing.

✨Huge Rose Quartz and Golden Healer Quartz Raw Crystal boulders available and we also have other crystals readily available and can be sourced 💖💛. We also have some beautiful Polychrome Jasper for the pebbles around the pond (a vintage tin bath).

…and lots more raw crystals on the way and on the site! ❤️💙🧡. Loving this @_crystaltwins embracing the beauty of crystals in their natural space. Glorious gifts by Mother Earth 🌍 #outdoorliving#outdoorcrystals#crystaltwinscrystals#crystallove#motherearthstreasures#goldenhealerquartz#rosequartz#largerawcrystals#outdoorbeauty#mygarden#crystallove#crystalhealing#crystalknowledge

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